Hammer wins Stud Dog at Regional Speciality     
Hammer has been a huge addition to our family.  When I say huge, he weighs in at 145 pounds.  Hammer loves to show off his cart and never misses an opportunity to give rides to children. He would like to go out with a sign that says, "Hammer will work for chicken," but we try to keep him off the street corners.  Hammer took a major at his show debut, when he was just six months old.  He has a whole lot of type, very nice rear, beautiful head, nice structure, and pretty markings.  He has his Novice Pack Dog title. Hammer has obtained his Novice Draft Dog title at 2 years old and his Open Draft Dog title at 3 years old.  Hammer earned his Companion Dog obedience title as well as his Rally Advanced title at 4 year old.  At 5 years old, Hammer became the first GSMD to earn both a Master Draft Dog title as well as a Team (brace) Draft Dog.  Hammer also earned his Versatile Greater Swiss Mountain Dog title in 2008.  Hammer also enjoys being a therapy dog and taking children for rides in his cart.  Hammer got (.45 & .48) on his Pennhip.  Hammer was whelped on 07-13-2003.  Hammer is the daddy of the tool litter.

Hammer's titles
AKC Champion, Companion Dog, Rally Novice, Rally Advanced
GSMD Club- Versatile Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Novice Pack Dog, Open Draft Dog (3x), Master Draft Dog, Team Draft Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog Club-Novice Draft Dog, Open Draft Dog (3x)

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