Blueberry wins Brood Bitch at Regional Speciality

Blueberry has the nickname of "Sweetness".  She lives up to her name.  She is always happy and won the smiling contest in Perry, GA in 2002.  She has cute dimples.  Blueberry has her CGC,  Novice Pack Dog title, and Working Pack Dog titles.  She got her conformation championship taking winners bitch at the Regional Specialty in Perry, GA.   She is a big girl with nice movement, good markings, and a very pretty front.  Blueberry weighs about 112 pounds.  She is the supreme ruler of the one and only chair in the van.  She can also hold all of the cover down on the bed so no one can turn over.  However, in the wintertime, you don’t get cold when Blueberry is around.  She just loves everyone and is always in a good mood.  She passed all of her health clearances including Pennhip, elbows, shoulders, and CERF.  Blueberry is currently working on her Novice Draft Dog title and is a natural at backing her cart.  Blueberry was whelped on 12-13-2001.
Blueberry photos