Hammer and Blueberry
proudly present
the Tool Litter Birth

Blueberry started having contractions at 4 am on Monday November 28, 2005.  Since we live about an hour from Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Memphis, we decided to head that way about 5:00 am.  Dr. Gerald Blackburn is our veterinarian who happens to truly be the best vet in the WHOLE world.  We are going for a planned c-section because of the history of Blueberry's mother and grandmother and the general consensus that it is in Blueberry's best interest.  So thinking we have plenty of time, we stop and buy the staff donuts for breakfast.  Little did we know, Blueberry had her own agenda for birthing these puppies.  About fifteen minutes from the clinic, Blueberry's water breaks.  Lacey and I are just casually sitting in the office parking lot, when Lacey looks to see how much water there was on the floor.  It is raining outside, 28oF, and still dark.   To make a long story short, she had a puppy in the back of our van.  While I was working on the first one, Lacey delivered the second one which was feet first and upside down.  It seemed like eternity until Dr. Blackburn arrived at 6:30am, but he whisks us off into his office to check on the first two puppies.  Under very careful supervision, Blueberry whelps six puppies, three boys and three girls.

After several hours  without having a puppy, Dr. Blackburn decides to do the c-section for the final four pups.

Dee Ferry is keeping a watchful eye on Blueberry as the surgery begins.

Blueberry's 43 inch belly is prepped for surgery.

This is Dr. Gerald Blackburn getting ready to make the incision which turns out to be about five inches in length.

The surgery is moving along and out comes the seventh puppy.  Puppy number seven is the first one delivered by the c-section.  Dr. Blackburn is checking out the seventh puppy which weighed in at about 20 ounces.

This picture was specifically requested as I wanted to get to see the uterus from a 43 inch belly.

Dr. Blackburn brings puppy number eight into the world. 
Puppy number nine gets a quick tie and on to the last puppy.
Dee Ferry and Candace Howell were working on the first two pups to keep them stimulated and warm.  They are the two superb vet techs that assisted in Blueberry's surgery.  We give many thanks to Lee Perry who photographed the c-section.
The four pups are warmed in a box with surgical gloves for hot water bottles.  Many thanks to everyone at Gentle Care Animal Hospital.  Everyone that works there is always friendly and helpful.  They are truly a nice group of people.  Kudos to Dr. Blackburn on another terrific job.