We are a family, hobby breeder. We do not have a fancy kennel or a lot of dogs that we breed. The dogs we have are our pets and family members.  We truly love the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

My name is Molly McNally.  I am a teacher and live in Rossville, Tennessee just outside of Memphis. Lacey, my daughter, graduated with her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from LSU. Currently, she works as the University of Alabama at Birmingham in experimental cancer therapy. We are a family that enjoys showing our own Swissys in conformation as well as putting working titles on each one of them.  Our Swissys are a big part of our family.  They do not live out in a kennel, but in our house as vital members of the McNally household. We are members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, Southbound, and the Ozark Club.

The Geveden Chew Crew takes part of its name from my maternal grandparents, Robert and Mary Louise Geveden from Bardwell, Kentucky.  As puppies, the Swissys have all chewed on various pieces of woodwork which had to be replaced, until I discovered that you can paint woodwork with liquid soap.  The Geveden Chew Crew is composed of  Swissys, three dogs and five bitches-Big'N, Hammer, Gator, Niblet, Beijing, Tokyo, Chili Pepper, and Zaatar.

Our philosophy is to produce a quality, sound, all-purpose Swissy while maintaining good structure, temperment, and complying to the AKC Breed's Standard.  Our main goal, above all, is to produce a well-rounded, loving and loyal companion that is true to the Greater Swiss breed.  We want Swissys that can perform whatever their job may be - working for their owners,  showing in the ring, safeguarding the sofa, and keeping the backyard soil cultivated!

We believe in a home-like atmosphere from the very first day that the pups become a part of our family.  They are raised inside the house with us.  Our Swissys are just as sweet and gentle as you will find. They are also great in the show ring and make wonderful companions.

We have become very involved in conformation and working events. We occasionally breed and our goal is to develop a well-rounded individual. Our dogs are companions first and foremost. They must have that wonderful, fun-loving, and even temperament. All of our breeding animals have joint and eye clearances through PennHIP or OFA and CERF. They also must pass a temperament test. When we do breed, a great deal of time and thought has taken place in order to create the "perfect Swissy". I hope you enjoy our dogs; we think they are great!

We have some beautiful, multi-talented, all-purpose Swissys. We specialize in Show, Companion, and Working Events.  Our primary objective is the improvement of the breed through selective breeding, correct conformation, and by producing healthy Swissys that excel in type, temperament, and trainability.