Big'N with great-grandpaw Patrick at Perry Regional Speciality 2002

Big'N (3mo) wins BOSS at match and Ice (dad) wins AOM at Perry Regional Speciality 2002
Boss, Hammer's grandpaw

Zurich (uncle) & Hammer (9 mo) at National Speciality 2004


Kodiak (Big'N's full brother)

Winston (Big'N's brother) & Trooper (Hammer's brother) lounge on the deck

 Dazzle, brother Trooper, and Hammer catch some waves

Hammer & Dazzle's sister Roxy

Gator & Niblet's brothers and sister (Hank, Finn, and Torque 3 months old)

Jag (10 mo Left) and his Daddy,
Hammer (pictured at 11mo Right) work in construction

Hank & Gator at 2 years old