Gator and Chili Pepper will breed September 2010


Geveden Chew Crew is home of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We compete in both conformation and working events such as carting/drafting, pack dog, children's therapy work, rally, obedience, and weight pull.  We are a hobby breeder of swissys located in Tennessee. Our Swissys, CH MacAlphines Geveden Hole-N-One, CH Shadetree's Geveden Gold Medal, CH Roseridge Geveden Bodacious HammerCH Geveden Bodacious Gator Grip, CH Geveden Blackburn's Silver Nibbler
CH Geveden China's Beijing Dragon, CH Geveden Japan's Teriyaki Tokyo, and CH Platte Rivers Geveden Chili Pepper are a big part of our family.  They do not live out in a kennel, but in our house as vital members of the McNally household. We are members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, Southbound, Gulf Coast GSMDC,and the Ozark Club. For more about us, please visit the About Us page.  To view photos, please click on the individual Swissy's highlighted name.



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