Hammer Earns Open Draft Title
Geveden Chew Crew Drafting

Dazzle passes through narrows

Hammer gives a ride at the tool litter family reunion 
Hammer and Dazzle take their brace cart to Dog Days
Birmingham Draft Group practicing Freight Haul

Hammer and Sniper practice brace drafting
Hammer qualifies for NDD at Heartland BMD test 


Hammer gets his game face on before entering the test

Big'N watches as his Daddy shuts the gate

Son, Hank, sits in Hammer's cart at the family reunion

Hammer makes left turn


Hammer sits for recall

Dazzle meets stranger in her first cart
Hammer gives rides for Brain Cancer Research
Dazzle in group down stay 
Hammer in open freight haul

Blueberry and Molly turn Left
Big'N and Kelsey are on the move
Dazzle performs sit-stay for recall
Blueberry waits for movable object
 Hammer and passenger are contestant #475 in Wheeling for Hope 

Group Stay (L-R) Zoom, Hammer, and Hilo


Hammer waits to get harness 
Molly and Blueberry going to visit neighbors
Hammer and Dazzle brace carting in Trussville AL

Hammer passes through narrows

  Dazzle qualifies for her NDD at the CVBMD test
Hammer qualifies in Open Draft at the Southbound GSMD trial

Birmingham Draft Group qualifies at the Southbound GSMD draft trial